First off in each of our memberships you receive a day by day, fully customized plan tailored to your needs and goals. We establish your goals, needs, and limitations in your first phone call with your new coach after the purchase.  You receive a daily workout plan that will take you through a warm-up, stretching program, an individualized detailed workout that includes sets and reps, post-workout stretch, and cardio. We take into account your current body weight, years of experience, goals (cut, bulk, maintain). This also includes working around your golf schedule. If you are a current competitive golfer, meaning you are playing in tournaments on a regular basis, we plan your workouts around that. We also assist you in recovering after a tournament helping you back to peak physical shape as quickly as possible.

You will also receive a nutrition guide. We provide you with a nutrition guide, giving you a daily calorie goal, along with a list of foods to eat. This is not nearly as in-depth as the fitness guide, but it will benefit you and it gives you the control to dictate your meals with guidance from a coach.

You will receive a daily line of communication to one of our coaches. It is crucial that we are in contact on a regular basis. We need to be in contact to ensure your workouts are going well, you're making progress the way we think you should be, and also to make any adjustments to your plan as needed. We understand that this is an online personal training relationship and it can be difficult without us there during your workouts to communicate these things with you, this is why you will be in constant communication with your coach. The additional benefit of having a fully online personal trainer is the fact that you can whenever you want and not be tied down to our schedule, everything we do works around your schedule.


If you decide you want to add lessons to your membership they are fully online. The way this work is for each lesson you will email a video of your swing to our coach. Your swing will then be broken down frame by frame using our Swing Catalyst software. This allows us to break everything down slowly and compare it next to a professional who shares similar traits to you. Once your lesson is finished you will be given another video on top of that instructs you on how to fix some of your faults. Similar to our fitness plans, even though these are online lessons they are incredibly detailed and give you the tools to succeed.


What's next:



Once you make the purchase we will be sending you an email within the next 24 hours. This is the most important part. You will receive a waiver, inherent risk form, and an application. The application is fairly detailed to ensure that we are a good fit, we need to get to know you as best as we possibly can, so please be honest. Once all the information is collected if for some reason we decide that you are not a good fit, don't take it personally.. it's not you it's me. There is a variety of reasons we don't accept people, we're not for everybody. If you're not accepted, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to recommend another trainer for you. If you're not accepted a full refund will be granted immediately. If you are accepted, once everything is filled out we start working for you. We sit down as a team and plan your day to day workouts accordingly. Keep in mind, since they are fully customized it takes time. Stay patient, we strive to get everything completed for you within 72 hours.

There are no guarantees in life, but I personally guarantee full satisfaction and you will get healthier, better, and achieve your goals with us! We appreciate you wanting to give us a chance, and we won't let you down!