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Obviously Tiger had a tough run at The Open (obviously it’s an incredibly difficult course, see Rory day 1 or Holmes day 4 scores) but Tiger just didn’t seem like Tiger. Watching him Thursday he was hitting really poor shots, thinning a flop shot, shanking an approach shot, missing putts, everything was just off. It was a day full of unforced errors. This leaves us all wondering what the hell happened?

Did Tiger lose it?

Was he off his game?

Even with all the preparation did the time change just jack him up that bad?

Was it too much pressure put on himself?

Did he push himself too hard to where he broke?

Well, first let’s answer that first one, F*ck no he didn’t lose his game. I saw one tweet over the weekend and I couldn’t believe it! Did you watch the Masters? He has the game, just not since the Masters as much! 

Tiger said he is going to take some time off, rest, recover get his mind right. Maybe he should go on a Phil retreat, maybe him and Phil can go on one together as they both need to get their games right, maybe we should have another match between the two of them to get the juices going! I’m not sure what he needs to do, but I could certainly see Tiger needing to take time. People love to say that Tiger doesn’t play often enough, and I am a huge believer that you can’t replicate tournament golf, but it’s not as though Tiger takes time off when he doesn’t play. He is a perfectionist, when he isn’t playing in tournaments he is working way harder than when he does play in tournaments, which may be why his body is wearing down and maybe that is what happened in the Open. 

I think more than likely what happened this weekend, is it just wasn’t his weekend! I think Tiger will take some time off come back before the playoffs to knock off some rust then be ready to go! I expect he will come back and play exceptionally well in the playoffs as he is refreshed and ready to go! He is far too talented of a player to perform the way he did last week, and he knows that. Expect him to come back strong after some time off and maybe some of Phil’s magic coffee!

Tiger go do some fishing and we look forward to seeing you back on the course soon!


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