Should you go to the gym?

Well, we're here at the end of June and normalcy seems so far away, yet so dang close. Gyms here in Florida opened up about a month ago and I know places all around the world have different protocols on to handle things reopening but here in Florida it's all systems go. Gyms are PACKED here. Now whether that's the right or wrong call is a completely different conversation and something I'll stay away from altogether.

I've had quite a few clients (younger and older) ask me (Cody) if it's ok to return the gym and begin lifting.. Now I'm a bit biased because I know workouts in the gym are a MILLION times better than most home gym setups but should you go?

That's not my call. Believe it or not.... I'm not actually a doctor. I know some of you are super surprised. The only thing I can say is respect others around you. I see young people not wiping there stuff down, not washing hands, or using hand sanitizer way too much. I don't want to be the "get off my lawn" old guy, but be sanitary. We should all be thankful that gyms are reopening and we can all begin to return the normalcy. The last thing we want is an outbreak to happen at our gyms and they get closed down again.

So if you are going to go, sanitize your stuff. If you elect to not go and want to continue your Golfsthetics plan at home, I completely understand and will continue to adapt.

If you have any concerns regarding anything, don't hesitate to reach out! Believe it or not our staff is very approachable and m

ore than happy to talk with you!

Yes... This blog had no rhyme or reason. Just felt like writing.

Also, this picture is pretty crazy huh?


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