Post Shoulder Surgery Thoughts

There are many things that could be going through your mind when you experience an injury that can take you out of the game for a period of time.  I personally have had two shoulder injuries which both required surgery. I was a baseball player throughout high school and in college where I injured my arm and I had mixed thoughts about the whole thing.  First, right when it happened, I thought that was it I tore something pretty much preparing for the worst. After I went and saw the doctor, he said that I needed surgery to get back to playing, my next thought was “I’m coming back stronger than before and getting back out on the field”. I went through physical therapy and throwing programs, felt alright for a little bit but then began to have pain again. I went back to the doctor and said I needed another surgery to fix my shoulder. I was still determined to get back to it after the surgery but I had that little voice in my head that I may not be able to play again. I went through with the second surgery and felt great afterwards, I was finally able to play without pain again and it was great! I was able to end my college career with no pain.

I’m not sure if any of you guys have had an injury that required surgery but I can relate when you have an injury and you get discouraged about being able to play your sport again. I’m not going to lie to you guys, playing sports consistently does take a toll on your bodies and you will most likely experience some sort of issues in your life. The whole goal of physical therapy after an injury is to make you stronger than what you were before because if you only gain the strength that you had back, you’re more likely to injure yourself again. So when they say “I’m back and stronger than ever” it is true.

You have to trust the process even if it’s a slow one. It may be hard to not get discouraged but if it is something that you truly want, you will put in the time and work to make it happen. While you are going through rehabilitation from any injury, you are working towards a goal, and how you are doing in rehab is a tell all sign if you want to achieve your goals or not. ​--Matt

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