New Site-New Home-NEW US

Yes new us!

First off I'm incredibly excited for this new site, man... I love it! If you have any questions down on the bottom right allows you to interact with one of our coaches.. Try it out!

Next, we have added SEVERAL new golf specific exercises that will be conducted at the end of most of your workouts. We have done this for a variety of reasons, but one of my favorite reasons is the fact that it keeps your daily workouts exciting and fun.

Third we've invested in a new swing analyzer software called Swing Catalyst. This software is quite simply amazing. When we use it for online lessons, the capabilities of this software are endless. The fact that we can break down swings frame by frame and compare them with players on the PGA Tour while also inserting our own custom videos for the lesson excites me beyond belief. There are tons of cool features that we will be able to utilize for in person lessons as well which we're excited to announce that in the near future (hint: big things are coming at Golfsthetics).

Next, the pricing changes... you guys have to love this. I know our pricing has always been fair (toot tooting our own horn) we added memberships! This is a way now that gives you the ability to do a plan and not have to pay it all up front. I know this feature is great for our younger crowd.

We always have things happening at Golfsthetics and the last thing I'm more than to announce is a revamped YouTube channel. You will be getting the daily fitness tips still as well as new golf swing tip videos coming this week!

With the new site comes growing pains, we are currently in process of transferring our blogs over from the last site. Those are coming and are being uploaded throughout the day. Stay posted for those.

We're constantly striving to be the best we can be! The entire team has spent countless hours over the last couple of months bettering ourselves, to better you. We want to embody the brand that we created. Everyday we also are striving to be Golfsthetic.


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