My go to Golf Course Snack

Since we are a golf fitness company I have to say this.. Eat healthy... Alright cool got that out of the way! Now for my fellow golfers that love to play golf and just have fun playing what is your favorite thing to eat on the golf course? Granola bar? Hot dog? Tuna sandwich? Chips? 

My all-time favorite golf course snack is located at my favorite course to play.. They have these cuban sandwich sliders! Basically you take a cuban sandwich put it on a toasted hawaiian roll that you brush with melted butter and cracked pepper and wow do you have a sandwich! 

Now, I know that isn't available at every course so I would say my favorite regular food at a golf course is the tuna sandwich! It's cold on a hot day, it has protein, fats, and carbs, and it just makes me forget that I just lost 3 balls on that hole with water on both sides and an island green! What's your favorite?


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