Let's get better at golf this week - Tips

​Let’s get better at golf this week. Now if you play everyday this isn’t going to pertain to you, at all. Sorry guys. Quite honestly we have a lot of clients we work with on a daily basis who work everyday and just can’t devote everyday to the game they love. Work being something that needs to be done, it can be tough to get out to the range and practice everyday. How can we take strokes off of our game this month? First start off with putting. Man, putting practice is always my favorite *said with a sarcastic tone*. When I was in college I would dread Saturday morning 8:00am practices. I dreaded them for two reasons, one being it’s tough focusing on a practice when you’re hungover. Secondly because Saturday was 3 hours of nothing but working on putts within 3 feet. While I hated this, I noticed I got a lot better when I was on the green. My recommendation would be to get one of those putting training tools where when you make the putt it sends it back to you. A modification for this would be to simply putt on shorter trimmed carpet, and putting to a penny on the ground. This is a drill we would do in our dorm room hallway to work on consistency of our putting stroke and working on distance control. If you do this for 30-45 minutes a night while watching some show on tv or while you listen to your husband/wife vent about their day at work. Secondly, once we’ve established getting better on the green let’s work on getting better around the green with some chipping. This is an easy one to work on. Simply go into the front yard, pull out a laundry basket and chip into the basket at a favorable yardage. This helps us work on picking out landing spots. With this drill we want to focus on picturing landing it short of the cup (in the basket) and obviously letting it roll close. Our head coach Matt has recently started doing this and I swear it’s changed his life. Working on full swing is a little bit more difficult when you only have a limited time to work on your swing. I’d personally recommend going to the range with just a 6 iron and working on your swing with that. I find that a lot of people almost get overwhelmed when it comes to trying to swing every club in the bag 5 or 6 times. That does us no good. If you have an area where you can work on shots between 40-80 yards that would be incredibly beneficial, but not all of us have the capability to do that. I know it’s more fun to work on getting better off the tee with your driver, but sit back and think for a second where a majority of your shots are going to come from and lets get better at that first. If you have any questions or need any help feel free to reach out and we’ll help you as much as we can! Cody

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