Gym 101

Are you new to working out? Do you workout a lot and want to make sure you're not doing these things? Here is what you need to never do at the gym!

1. If you're a guy especially no selfies in front of the weights, seriously.... no guy should be taking selfies ever but I swear if I see you flexing your tricep in front of the mirror after a set of tricep extensions I'm going to lose it!

2. If it is rush hour at the gym and you are "super-setting" 3 machines... Seriously... Just no. Especially if your so called super-set includes one machine go sit on another for 45 seconds then hit that then sit on another for a minute then rotate, one that's not a super-set and two it's just a crappy thing to do!

3. WIPE DOWN YOUR MACHINE! I don't want to work on your nasty sweaty bench, clean it!

4. Don't be the grunting guy! Believe it or not making loud gruting noises won't make you any bigger while you lift! And if you're doing it because you want everyone to look at you, we aren't impressed, we are laughing because you sound like a damn ape or female tennis player. Just breath, don't be obnoxious!

5. Don't slam your weights! It's unnecessary! Yes even for you Mr. big shot I just benched 100lb dumbbells and now I want to slam them down so everyone sees me and knows how much I lift! And before you question it, yes we do know you did it on purpose, and we do know you just want attention! If you aren't strong enough to control the weight when you put it down, you aren't strong enough to be lifting it!

6. Don't talk to people with headphones on unless it is 100% necessary! 

7. Guys pay attention here! Don't be creepy! No she doesn't want you to go talk to her, she doesn't want you to watch her workout and she sure as hell doesn't want you to come "spot" her. 

8. Last but certainly not least this is a big one, pay attention here! NEVER EVER MAKE FUN OF ANYONE IN THE GYM! WE ALL STARTED SOMEWHERE AND IF THEY ARE THERE THEY ARE TRYING! HELP THEM, MOTIVATE THEM, OR LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE! WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN CREEPY, GRUNTING, WEIGHT SLAMMING, SWEATY MACHINE LEAVING, SUPER-SETTING, FLEXING SELFIE SELF! If you are someone who is new to the gym, keep going! Keep fighting the fight! I know it can be frustrating feeling like you aren't seeing the results, but they will come if you keep pushing! So push, work, sweat, battle, fight, stay consistent, you will win and I promise you it will be worth it!


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