Grip 101.... It's like an Oil Change

​If you’ve been golfing for awhile something you probably hardly ever think about now is gripping the club. I know when I played in college I didn’t even think twice about it, but the way I approach it is treat your grip like a routine oil change on a car…. except we’re not checking our grip every 3,000 rounds. When we think of the grip there’s three basic grips, and it’s basically your choice. If you’re brand new to golf, a basic fist to fist “baseball” grip is ok at first. This grip lacks consistently, but when we’re just trying to learn the basic motion of swinging a club this is ok. Once you’ve mastered that it’s time to move to either the overlap or the interlock. I know there’s been a huge shift the last few years to the overlap, however I personally prefer the interlock. They both have their advantages, but both are by far way better than a “baseball” type grip. How to make the adjustment to the overlap or interlock. I know at first it can be weird to make the adjustment to one of these two grips, but you want to because it’s necessary. I would start by advising you to practice chipping with the grip first. Start getting acclimated to holding the club with the new grip. It is at this point you can slowly start integrating the new grip change to different clubs on the range. Why is this important? For novice golfers you may struggle with a hard slice or hook. 99% of your problem lies within in your grip. If you have a weaker grip, it is at this point when your club returns to the point of impact it will be more open resulting in a slice. Vice versa for a stronger grip. A lot of novice golfers experiment with moving the ball up and back in their stance. I strongly advise against this because at this point your body will naturally adjust to either coming over the top, and coming across the ball or the opposite coming inside the ball. Bottom line is, before you make any drastic changes to your swing lets start with simply adjusting your grip. If your grip is ok, maybe at this point we look further into making smaller adjustments to your swing to help you get into the correct position at impact.


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