Golfsthetics Core Philosophy

If you're new to following our blog or our social media, we appreciate you. Over the last couple months Instagram, Facebook, blog views, and new clients has all grown and we all appreciate it immensely. Two years ago I started Golfsthetics on my own and I've been fortunate to add my best friends to the team. Now, these were far from "handouts" to have them come work with me. I knew they could add so much to the company from their different specialties.

Before I brought them on I had to make sure they shared the same passion to help people better themselves. Truth be told they care more than I've ever expected. We've been asked if we wanted to add more coaches and I always think about bringing on more people, but unfortunately I don't think they could care as much as us three.  Most of our clients become almost like family or close friends. I would argue that Golfsthetics cares more than any other company out there. That's not us calling out other people, that's simply boasting about us. I'll brag about what we do all day, because at the end of the day we take pride in what we do and the goals our clients hit.

So when we're asked what our mission statements is.... we simply want to help as many people better their game while building a relationship and having some fun. I think about summarizes it.

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