do you play the tips? (the tees all the way in the back) oh you do? you must be really good? oh no?

It's labor day, labor night to be exact. I'm sitting here thinking about life, ya know the hurricane we have headed our way... (it's not, but I kind of wish it was if I'm being honest) and important things like that. Then I got to thinking even deeper... I played golf yesterday with Matt and we had a dandy time together as we usually do. Admittedly I am a good not great golfer and Matt is a touch worse than I am. It dawned on me that we always play the tips.... But why? Matt has only been playing golf for roughly a year or two... why in the world has he only played the tips?

Every weekend Trevor and I golf together and it never even crosses my mind to play up. So I asked him  the last time why we never play up a tee and he replies "Because I ain't no bitch". Now to clarify that conversation was completely off the record and I'm sure he won't enjoy me writing this.

A couple weeks ago a group of us were playing and a couple people wanted to play a tee up, and I wouldn't allow it. I just couldn't stand the fact of playing a tee up. I though a huge hissy fit (sorry) and eventually got my way.

Is this a sign of us getting older? I hope not. I did some more research.

We've always played the tips, obviously in college and amateur events I always played the tips. 

It appears according to Trevor that at our current age if we play up a tee it's us waving the white flag and we quit on life. He refuses to play down.

The other group I played with that wanted to move up a tee accepted that they just weren't good golfers and wanted to have a little bit more of a shot of a good round.

Then it dawned on me... it hit me. I FIGURED OUT WHY I CAN'T PLAY A TEE UP!

It's not because I'm getting old, losing my hair, my body aches, and I have a hard time accepting the fact that I am indeed getting older. All of those are true but don't matter in this instance.

I can't play up  a tee because I am so DAMN competitive. Some say people have never met somebody as competitive as I am.... to that I usually tell them about Trevor.

Trevor and I might be arguably the most competitive people on the planet. We're best friends, but we've literally gone days without talking after a round of golf. It's brutal.

Playing a tee up is like going bowling and using bumpers. I want to know that I can play without any help. I don't want the easy way out. I want to push myself and the course usually pushes back and wins... BUT I gave it my best effort to win.

I'll take my chances and keep playing my tees. What are your thoughts? What tees do you usually play?


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