Calves like Phil!

Oh so you want calves like Phil? Well I have the way!

1. Hit some cardio! If you want big calves jump on the elliptical crank it up to a comfortable but challenging level now don't ever let your heels hit the ground! Heels stay up all the time, give it about 5 mins and your calves will be on fire!

2. Calf raises... duh! Grab some weights, find a stair or weight, put your toes on the edge go down and up! Feel the burn!

3. Grab a golf club, find a hill, drop your ball now hit the ball backwards over your head with a massive flop shot! It doesn't sound like it works your calves, but the calf gods reward those who hit amazing flop shots! Plus you can't have calves like Phil and not hit flop shots.... 

Anyway those are my tips! 2 workouts and a weird statement! Hope you enjoyed it! 


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