Best (Local) Beers to bring on the Course!

.What is your favorite type of beer? Now do you have a favorite type of beer to drink on the golf course?

See I love a good IPA when the time is right, but when I am on the golf course suddenly you have 5 or 6 10% beers and you aren't playing so well! The other problem is that you get really full from an IPA which can lead to inability to get the rotation I need and just overall not feeling great. So, I had to go on a quest to find a new beer for the golf course. 

I had a little fling with rum and coke, I have a favorite local rum (Oak and Palm) for anyone looking for a good spiced rum, but same problem as with the IPA if you have a few of those, especially 'cause I only order doubles, suddenly you have a bit of an issue making solid contact. 

One time last winter I tried bourbon on the course, that's just an awful idea, I love a good bourbon, but not on the course, and you definitely don't want to start with bourbon at 10am!..... Trust me....

So beer it is, I don't mess with many other drinks so I am back to beer.. Sure I could drink Bud light, Coors light etc, but I like local beers, so I tried a few and I found the holy grail! Here are my rankings!

3. Big Storm 25 The Tampa bay Lightning beer can (Go Bolts!) . . . . . 2. 3 daughters Beach Blonde Ale - crisp, refreshing! Plus can you beat that name??? . . . . . 1. I finally found the one! Seventh Sun Orange Graffiti! It's a slightly higher percentage than most normal beers with a great flavor profile, and nice citrus finish! I love it and it is officially my golf course drink!

Do you have a favorite course drink that's not water? Let us know in the comments!

​-- Trevor

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