2020 Golfsthetics

What's going on guys, Cody from Golfsthetics here! Sorry... I'm just used to doing videos.. I'm not really sure how to intro a blog.

So here's what's happening. I know a lot of people were avid readers of our blog and we appreciate you guys for that. Some of you guys go way back into the old days of our old site. The blog section of this site will be home to our YouTube videos... and that's pretty much it. Trevor will still post his tournament previews on here in blog form and give you his picks of the week but for the most part everything we do will be on our YouTube channel. We're excited for the content we are able to produce on there. All of our opinion pieces will be located there.

There's so much happening right now and we're excited for the future. I know that this blog was kind of all over the place BUT I figured I'd give you guys an update! Looking forward to see what 2020 brings!


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