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The "sthetic" part in Golfsthetics represents being your physically best at all times. This doesn't necessarily mean being incredibly strong, but more so being the best possible well-rounded athlete that you can be. If you've been paying close attention over the last few years, you have noticed that golf and fitness are starting to mesh more and more. We've had guys like Rory and Koepka on the PGA Tour and Lexi Thompson on the LPGA Tour vouching for the importance of being in peak physical shape. Each one of them places an emphasis on training hard in the offseason, while attempting to maintain as much as possible in the season. These guys are laying the groundwork for future golfers stressing the importance that fitness has in golf. The unfortunate part is that most guys currently on tour are pretty quiet about how they train. They all have different ways of training, but the important part is that they are training to be athletes, not just generally strong.

Golf is currently evolving whether you notice it or not. Golfers at all levels are training to be the best athletes they can be a week in and week out. This has been the main reason for golfers becoming more competitive at younger ages. Unfortunately, we've also noticed that the next generation of golfers is doing the fitness side of things completely wrong. This is not only hindering the process of becoming a better golfer, but it’s also causing mass amounts of injuries. Lifting for athletic purposes, if done right, in nature, does not cause injuries it actually prevents them. The bottom line is you can't afford to keep training and making minimal progress or not training at all. Our goal is to help you be the best well-rounded athlete you can be. The better athlete you become, the better the golfer you become.

When you decide to order your customized golf fitness and nutrition plan we will send you an application, if we decide that you are a good fit for us we will begin tailoring the plan to your exact goals. This doesn't mean we simply make you a "90-day golf fitness plan" then never hear from us again. We set up your plan into separate phases, which means we customize your plan as you progress. You will be in constant contact with your coach that you are paired up with before you begin your journey.

How We Can Help​

Over the last few years, we have had numerous golfers at all levels of their game asking for help, and we've been able to provide. Our team is filled with former collegiate athletes that played a variety of sports including football, baseball, and golf. Between the three of us, we established the idea of learning how to train like an athlete before training to simply be a good golfer. It’s frustrating to see different trainers out there focusing on training their students to not be a well-rounded athlete but to only be one dimensional. Take a look at every other sport out there, the guys that are at the top of their game all cross-train. We look at the best in golf, and they do the same thing. Some of the guys over the last few years who have consistently finished on top include Koepka, DJ, and Tiger (debatable), if you look at the training methods they train to be great athletes, not just great golfers.

At Golfsthetics while we do train you to be the best possible athlete you can be, what makes us different is the fact that we also have a focus on elevating your golf game. Our training methods include a variety of different styles, from different conjugate method philosophies to Olympic style training or even HIIT. We take a look at your experience in the gym, on the course, your age, and your goals. From there we sit down as a team and decide which training styles fit your needs best. After your plan is complete one of us on the team will contact you and will become your coach throughout the duration of your plan. The point of this is to have a daily contact for any adjustments that may need to be made to your plan, we also do this to show you that we're not here to leave you high and dry. We know you've probably tried daily plans in the past and you never hear from the coach again. The Golfsthetics team wants to help you reach every goal you have from on the course to off the course.

"My favorite part of this process is the relationship that is built between me, the coach, and the person that I am training... Although I can't be there in person it almost feels like I am. Helping people of all ages (16-60) and different walks of life is incredibly gratifying."


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Our App

We recently partnered with a third-party hosting app. This is exciting in the fact that now all of your workouts are housed on an app where we can communicate daily, add your weights, reps, and it also includes video demonstrations on how to perform certain movements. Workouts are published daily and are completely customized to you and your goals!


"Still going with my plan. I've loved working with Cody! He's incredibly informative and helpful. It's more than just telling me why I need to do something, he helps me understand why. Would recommend to anybody, not just golfers!"

Ashley L. - R.I.


"Great coaches, great team, great brand. Not "golfsthetic" yet, but will be!"

Julio R. - Washington, Seattle.